It's Time for You to Have

The Edible Garden of Your Dreams

If your looking for an edible garden but don’t know where to start we are here to help. We can design, install and service your edible garden space.  Using Permaculture Design methods we can design your edible garden to utilize available resources, and eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. We can create a natural oasis for you and for wildlife with minimal maintenance and upkeep. 

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Mimic nature for better Results and help improve the environment.



We can design your edible garden according to your location, climate, requirements, and needs utilizing regenerative techniques and available resources.  Our design techniques can sequester carbon, close waste loops, and have a net benefit on the environment. We can build resilience to the effects of climate change.



Our team of installers can give you a jump start on your food production by installing your dream edible space. We will also leave you a free care guide and custom planner for your garden so you will know when to plant, grow and harvest your bounty. 



If the thought of servicing your garden is a daunting one, we have you covered. We can come by at an agreed frequency for general weeding, upkeep, succession planting, harvesting, seed saving and propagation. A plan can be tailored for individuals or businesses. 



We can provide training to individuals and businesses on how they can implement permaculture principles to improve their lives and the lives of their employees. 


A Few Words About Us

Cormac is a Permaculture Designer and graduate of Geoff Lawtons Online PDC 2019.

Cormac is a freelance permaculture designer and has been growing food in his small urban garden for over 10 years. He raises worms and chickens. He has a micro-orchard, and currently grows herbs, salads and potatos. He is experienced in composting, vermicomposting and urban growing. 

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

All our Designers have their Permaculture Design Certificates and have experience in their feilds.

Quality Services

We pride ourselves on quality work. We will provide you with a regenerative system which will be productive and aesthetically pleasing.

Affordable Pricing

What price can be put on reducing food miles, building soil, capturing carbon and growing the most nutritionally dense food possible.

10+ Years of Experience in Gardening & Landscaping

We have over 10+ years of experience in Edible gardening. We have grown salad crops, herbs, root crops, and fruit trees. All this was grown without the need for any chemicals. 

Our home

Edible Garden Project

We have been developing our own garden over the last 10 years. As we have learned more and tried different things we have adjusted our garden design to our needs.